Supply Chain Optimization

Because of their complexity, modern supply chain networks can create a considerable cost burden to businesses but they also provide an enormous opportunity for cost savings once optimized. Optimization of the supply chain and effective supply chain management is a key factor for creating a competitive advantage in the global market and networked economy.

Supply chain optimization requires a great deal of analysis on a strategic, tactical and operational level of the supply chain management. SIGMA LOOP CONSULTING will analyze your supply chain using modern management science techniques and tools such as simulation, taking into consideration the particularities as well as the best practices of your industry. Into the unique approach that has developed for optimizing complex supply chain networks, SIGMA LOOP CONSULTING has also incorporated aspects of the SCOR-model of the Supply Chain Council, a framework that links together business processes, metrics, best practices and technology.

For further info on our approach and methodology regarding our supply chain optimization service, please contact us to arrange an online presentation.