Sustainability & Environmental Impact Assessments

A sustainability assessment is an integrated approach to impact assessment that considers not only the environmental dimension of the impact but the social and economic dimension as well.

Every proposed project will have an impact on its environment, consisting of the natural, social and economic aspects, that is either positive or negative. Conducting an impact assessment is an essential way to analyze the consequences of a planned intervention and assist stakeholders in their decision making.

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) is an aspect of the Impact Assessment and in many countries is compulsory. In countries, where an EIA is a legal requirement, specific projects such as new constructions cannot be approved by the authorities without first conducting an EIA.

SIGMA LOOP CONSULTING undertakes sustainability and environmental impact assessments taking into consideration all relevant legislation such as the SEA Directive of the European Union. Our goal is to conduct an impact assessment that will effectively support your decision making process and not to just issue a report to fulfil legal compliance. SIGMA LOOP CONSULTING is concerned with the need to integrate impact assessments to strategic levels of decision making as a way to ensure the sustainability of strategic decisions. Therefore, we advise customers on the process of carrying out this integration successfully.