Web-based ERP & Software Solutions

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems are information management systems that manage the flow of information across the entire organization. They are supported by integrated software applications, separated into modules that reflect the different operations of an organization such as sales, accounting, manufacturing, etc.

The complexity of modern business operations turns the implementation of an ERP system as well as the automation of procedures, into prerequisites for improving business efficiency. However, ERPs are often associated with high license, implementation and support costs that overcome the benefits.

SIGMA LOOP CONSULTING implements WebERP, an open-source web-based ERP system, offering customization solutions and technical support. The main advantages of implementing an open-source, web-based ERP system are the following:

Apart from WebERP, SIGMA LOOP CONSULTING offers also support for other open-source web-based applications, such as the following:

All applications can be hosted in virtual servers by SIGMA LOOP CONSULTING.

If you wish to browse the applications, please contact us to request a guest username and password.