1. Assessing an Organization's Standing against the Criteria of the EFQM Model

Sometimes you want to improve but you don't know where to start. Using the EFQM model is a good and cost effective way to start your improvement journey. The organizational assessment with the EFQM model is a holistic approach that can indicate problematic areas. Areas that need your attention. (read the case study)

2. Integrating Management Systems

Having two or more management systems in your organization running in parallel causes inefficiencies and is often the reason of unnecessary documentation and double work. Formal management systems based on standards have a lot in common and can be integrated into one more efficient management system. (read the case study)

3. Analyzing a Customer Service Call Center

A customer service call center is a critical area because the operators have direct contact with the customer. It will make a bad impression on the customers, if they wait long for their phone calls to be processed. On the other hand, if the organization employs more operators than necessary, it will incur extra, unnecessary costs. (read the case study)

4. Analyzing the Efficiency of Training of the Sales Executives

All organizations invest more or less in the training of their employees. But not all of them analyze the efficiency of this training or have a clear idea of how it is translated into actual results. (read the case study)