Analyzing a Customer Service Call Center

The Case

The organization in this case belonged to the service industry and had more than 100 employees. They only employed four employees in the customer service call center. After some customer complaints regarding difficulties to reach the call center, the organization decided to analyze the quality of the service that provided the customer service call center.

Our Approach

The analysis in this project was based on the development of a queuing model. The waiting time until a phone call is processed is an important quality aspect of a customer service call center. In our analysis we observed and measured the actual data in the customer service call center on a typical day. Then using simulation we defined the mean duration of the phone calls and their frequency. Our queuing model was developed based on this data.


Results and Conclusions

Based on this analysis the organization reached some interesting conclusions. The first was that the operators were more than 80% percent utilized, which is a good utilization percentage. The second was that the average waiting time per customer was 5,4 minutes. The third was that by adding one operator the average waiting time per customer would be 1,2 minutes. It was up to the company's quality policy to decide whether adding one operator in order to reduce the customers' average waiting time would be necessary or not.