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Business excellence in a sustainable future. What does this mean? Why is it relevant in today's global economy? The rising environmental awareness of society worldwide, as well as the realization of the importance of social responsibility create a necessity for all companies: They need to publicly demonstrate their social image and environmental sensitivity. They need to demonstrate that they care about the social and environmental problems of today's world and that they do something about it.

However, in times of economic crisis and global competition, demonstrating a social image and an environmental awareness is not enough for a company to survive. It still needs careful planning, clear understanding of customer requirements, effective and efficient procedures and a culture that promotes continuous improvement.

SIGMA LOOP CONSULTING is a company that offers services worldwide in the following areas: a) business excellence & quality management, b) internet & IT solutions, c) environmental & social responsibility management, d) economic and investment planning, e) coaching (as Sigma Loop Coaching). SIGMA LOOP CONSULTING focuses strongly on cost savings through optimization by implementing management science techniques, statistical tools and business excellence methodologies. Furthermore, through the utilization of internet-based open-source software for ERP systems, databases, teleconferences, e-presentations, etc., SIGMA LOOP CONSULTING not only reduces consultancy costs by minimizing the need for the physical presence of the consultant at the client's business but also minimizes the client's IT investment costs.